Now it’s time to join !

 Age requirements:

The minimum age to join the ATC is 12 (you must be in year 8 at school!). Although you can be a Cadet until you are 20.

Visit us:

You are very welcome to visit 969 Squadron on a regular scheduled evening parade, on Mondays and Thursdays. There’s no obligation to join. Come and find out more by discussing the Air Training Corps with one of our staff. You could also ask some cadets what they think, and don’t be surprised if you find that you already know some of them. You are welcome to bring a parent, as they probably have a few questions too! Although you can call-in unannounced on any parade, it’s advisable to phone or email to check when the Recruit Training Team will be onsite. Any of the squadrons adult staff can answer your questions, however the Recruit Training Team are best placed to speak to.

Arriving at our Squadron HQ:

When you arrive at our Squadrons’ HQ you might find it a bit intimidating – please don’t be! The Squadron has a gate because the building belongs to the Ministry of Defence. Just make yourself visible to any of the staff or cadets and you should be directed to the main office where a member of staff will greet you and give you an overview of what we do here.

If you arrive around 1900hrs, or shortly thereafter, you’ll get a feeling for the Squadron as everyone arrives and gets organised for the evening’s activities. It’s usually a very exciting time! By 19.15hrs things have settled down – some Cadets will be in class studying and others will be practicing drill, or maybe off site on an activity. It is possible to arrive and find everyone is out!

The joining process:

Joining is a simple process. Having met the squadrons staff and when you are sure the ATC is for you, it’s just a case of completing a simple application form. There is nothing tricky involved – we just need your details for our records and to begin your formal training. There is no formal medical, or any entrance exams or fitness tests to pass.

Please note: You will need a parents or legal guardian’s signature and permission to join.

Please fill out the following form to show your interest and our Recruitment Officer will get in touch with you via Email.

Cadet Joining Request Form